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Unfortunatly, I didn´t find the time to write posts in the last two weeks. Be prepared to find some flashback posts on this blog.

One week ago I gave a farewell party for all my colleagues at the office. For about one year I worked for T-Systems Enterprise Services in Bonn as a software engineer and architect. Since I also knew a lot of former colleagues from my time at T-Mobile Deutschland, this party was the perfect place to bring all of them together again. Even our indian development partners, being trained and mentored by us for some weeks in Bonn, came by. The office became quite crowded when all of them had arrived. I guess I had around 30 people in one place. We had some cake and champagne. Thanks for the nice and relaxed time we had and of course not to forget the survival package they gave me as a present. This package contained all I have to get used to in the US e.g. marshmallows, popcorn and a pack of Beef Jerky (who really eats this disgusting stuff – I always thought this is dog food).

This also was my last day at work in Germany. What now lies ahead is moving my belongings to my parents house and cleaning/renovating my apartment. I really hate this. In most of the cases people have to color the rooms because the can move out. Maybe this also is the reason why germans do not move that often or change jobs.

Waving the flags Survial pack

In the evening I met with Markus, Emily, Frank and Axel in the hausbar having live music that evening. Even though I thought that many of the people were a little bit too overdressed and bigheaded, we had a nice time enjoying  some well-mixed cocktails.

hausbar friends  hausbar Frank and Axel


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