Previously on Global Gateway: Moving my belongings

April 26, 2007 at 11:43 am | Posted in Still Here | Leave a comment

Last Saturday I organized a Mercedes Sprinter for moving my furniture to my parents house. Fortunatly, they had decided to buy my kitchen and couches. Otherwise, I would have had to sell them with many of my other stuff at ebay. After selling about 70 different articles I became very sick about it. It´s just to much work to do. Moreover, my guess was that I don´t get an adequate price for the furniture. The big beneficiary of that deal is my youngest brother who still lives in an own apartment beside my parents house. He inherits all that. Now he has a quite new IKEA kitchen with every interior you need and a huge landscape of couches.

We were really afraid that not all of my belongings would fit in the van. However, we made it but had to stack it up to the root of the vehicle. While both of my brothers and me carried the furniture and packed them in the van, my dad disassemled every little piece of the kitchen. After packing everything up we also colored three of my apartment rooms. This helped a lot. Thanks again for the help.

Finally, after driving for another two and a half hours we arrived at my parents house at around midnight. That day was stressfull I have to say. The next day we unload everything from the van and I drove back to Bonn for give back the van to the rental service. Huuh, we made it.


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