Finally arrived

May 7, 2007 at 2:32 pm | Posted in Over There | Leave a comment

It all started in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. When I wanted to check in my bags on of the flight company employees noticed that one of my bags was overweight. I really tried to pack every that could possibly fit in. This apparently resulted in a total weight of 37.5 kilos. My private weight record for one bag. Nevertheless, Continental’s weight limit for one bag is 32 kilos so I had to unpack some of my stuff which had to carry with my hand luggage. Too bad.

On Saturday I finally arrived at Reagan National Airport in DC. The trip was quite exhausting. There were no good movies available on the plane and I didn’t get free alcoholic drinks to ease my fear of flying. Flying isn’t fun anymore. As with many of the previous flights to the US I had a delay of multiple hours. However, this time the flight company managed to bring my luggage to the destination without losing it.

Sarah picked me up with the car her parents gave us (thanks again Jan and John!). It’s a little Nissan which actually helps us a lot when we need to handle heavy or cumbersome shopping goods. After around nine weeks not seeing each other “live” (we used Skype to ease the pain) I was happy to see her again. She even organized real Champagne to celebrate my return and the upcoming time we’ll have together. I guess I made it till ten in the evening before I went to bed.

What I saw of the apartment and the area we live in, I must say that I’m very delighted. The room we have is nice and spacious. The hallway actually looks like a hotel. Not to forget the pool and fitness club which we can use for free. Sarah was very busy buying furniture and appliances. This is a very good start. Everything is set up and seems to fall into place.


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