Golfing is NOT a sport for old people

May 15, 2007 at 11:59 am | Posted in Over There | Leave a comment

Last weekend Sarah and I visited her parents in Minnesota. We are so lucky to live near Reagan Airport. It’s either 5 minutes with the subway or 5 minutes with the taxi. The flight took us around 2 hours to get us to Minneapolis airport. While Sarah and her mom went shopping, my dad in law decided to give me an introduction to golfing. Aside from all the prejudices I had about golfing, I really wanted to try out the sport. In Germany only rich and wealthy people or managers use to play golf. After explaining me the technique and showing the different clubs, I was ready to start. We bought around 200 golf balls and hit the driving range. You may ask yourself why it’s called driving range. No, has nothing to do with a vehicle. It is the name of the longest wood you can use, a driver. Hitting the ball is all about relaxing. This is not what I did. I tried too hard. After hitting 100 balls I had enormous muscle cramps and blisters all over the hand. Furthermore, swinging the club is more exhausting than I thought. I came to the conclusion that I not yet had decided whether I like golfing or not. I guess I have to play on a golf course first.

Golfing 3 Golfing 2 Golfing 1 Golfing 4


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