Brave New Shopping World

June 3, 2007 at 7:15 pm | Posted in Over There | 2 Comments

We needed to buy a desk this weekend. What else could I do to combine homesickness with an American shopping experience? Go to IKEA. It took us around half an hour to get there by car. We bought the desk we wanted and other crap you don’t actually need but buy when you’re at IKEA. In Germany still not established but reality in the US: the self check-out. What you have to do is to scan the bar code of your items without the assistance of a salesperson. First of all, our shopping cart was overloaded so we lost track of the pieces we already had scanned. For starting the procedure from the beginning you need help from a salesperson. We beckoned a service employee to assist us. She had to cancel the whole transaction by entering a code. This wasn’t allowed for customers. So we started all over again…Second problem was that some of the items couldn’t be recognized by the system. They simply weren’t listed. We had to call the personnel again because the system didn’t let us proceed or cancel. It took us about 15 minutes to get finished with scanning and payment. I guess we would have been faster in the full service lane to be honest. Maybe we just have to increase our learning curve.

IKEA self check-out 1 IKEA self check-out 2 IKEA self check-out 3



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  1. or improve the system 😉

  2. hey, believe it or not…these self-service systems are becoming popular over here in germany as well. the last time i visited my mom, we were at a supermarket…and guess what we used to check-out? by the way, we had the same problems that you’ve mentioned 🙂
    hopefully rfid will make things easier some day…

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