Cool stuff for Motorola Q

June 3, 2007 at 2:59 pm | Posted in Media, Mobile | Leave a comment

Two weeks ago I needed to have a new cell phone. The reason is that I can’t use my Nokia N70 anymore because the network provider Verizon Wireless (maybe all of America’s providers) doesn’t use SIM cards like in Europe. Every mobile phone gets patched by software. As a matter of fact this means that you can’t easily change your cell phone, if it gets broken by exchanging the SIM card. I would call myself a discriminating mobile phone customer. My cell phone needs to have a well-engineered calendar functionality, a Java Virtual Machine and has to be slender and small. Because most of the cell phone in the US are flip style devices which I don’t like at all, I had to choose a smart phone. When I walked to the store the Motorola Q drew my attention. It fulfilled all criteria that were important to me except for one point: the JVM. The phone comes with the Windows Mobile OS so it should be possible to install additional software. This weekend I found some time to play around with it. I have to software recommendations: ScummVM and the IBM Websphere Micro Environment.

ScummVM is a software for mobile phones and PDAs which allows you to run LucasArts classic adventure games. It’s great to play Day of Tentacle while waiting for your wife buying shoes or clothing. Stick to this posting in the ScummVM forum to install and configure the software.

IBM Websphere Micro Environment lets you run J2ME applications on your mobile phone or PDA. This is actually the missing feature I wanted to have on my new cell phone. For convenient installation check this blog posting.


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