Strange camera effects

June 28, 2007 at 11:38 am | Posted in Media, Over There | 2 Comments

Strange Camera EffectsOh no, my camera, a Canon Ixus V3, seems to be broken. Every time I want to take a photo very bright spots appear to be violet on the display and picture. No, I didn’t use a Photoshop filter. There’s also no filter effect build in the camera. It looks like it is a software problem. After four and a half years of proper work and around 6,000 photos taken there has to be an exchange. Maybe I should try the firmware update or use another battery pack before I buy a new one.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Do you have any recommendations for fancy new cameras? Anyone?



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  1. Hi Benni,
    Conny bought a Panasonic Lumix Cam 2 years ago and we’re really happy with that one. Very small size, very robust and a good picture quality (and the color is black ;)) I can send you some links to pictures we took with that camera if you like.

  2. i thought antimatter explodes !!!
    i’ve read too much “illuminati” 😉

    by the way, nadine got the exilim, its a very nice camera, with good pictures


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