Big Time Big Screen

September 9, 2007 at 2:32 pm | Posted in Media, Over There, Screen | 1 Comment

Yes, in America everything is bigger than in Europe. Big cars, big people and big TV screens. No wonder that I invested in a new TV. We kind of grew tired of the little, little CRT screen. After researching a while I decided to go for a 50″ Plasma TV. I also considered buying a LCD screen but was to scarred of malfunctioning pixels. However, Plasma TVs have their problems too like the burn-in effect of static pictures.

After checking out the prices online we went to Circuit City to try out our luck in price matching. People, whenever you want to buy something big, try it out. Just bring a commercial advertisement with the same product model for a lower price and ask for the same price in the store. They’ll always do it. We saved about 400 or 500 bucks doing that. What did we get exactly? A Panasonic that was rated pretty good by buyers and reviews. The important feature of this TV: HD with 1080p ensuring the best quality picture available at the moment. And I must say it’s really stunning watching Discovery Channel HD Theater. The quality of the picture appears to be so real! A pleasure to watch. I didn’t try out HDDVD or Blue-Ray yet because the players are still to expensive.


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  1. Hi Benni,
    welocme to the HD-family 😉 We lended a PS3 for one weekend to check out the HD-gamegraphic and some blue-ray discs on Conny’s 40” LCD.
    That was really worth it!

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