American Oktoberfest

October 14, 2007 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Over There | 1 Comment

You feel homesick and want to enjoy yourself Oktoberfest style? Yes, you can also get some Wiesn fun in the US. We definitely wanted to check out how American celebrate traditional Oktoberfest. In Shirlington they had an event going on which sounded really interesting. 35 local breweries, among them the organizing brewery Capitol City Brewery, let you sample their beer for only $25 per person. We hoped to get a big Mass (one liter glasses) filled with some good German imported beer. Instead we got 0.1 liter sampling glasses so that you had to wait in line all time. Unfortunately, they only served local beer. Some of them good, some of them awful. They even had a Koelsch derivate which tasted pretty much the same like the original one. But without offending the Rhinelanders you must admit that there’s better beer around than Koelsch. Even though the beerfest didn’t come with a beer tent location they had German dances and music going on. It was more like a street festival than an original Octoberfest. Overall I have to say we had a lot of fun and I’ll go to some similar festival when October’s going to come up again.

Shirlington Crowd Beer Sampling Alpine Dancers Edelweiss Band American Koelsch Sarah and me


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  1. lol, what a small glass…

    “edelweiss-band” 😉

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