NFJS Day 1 Review

November 2, 2007 at 10:11 pm | Posted in Community, Software Development | Leave a comment

NFJS LogoThe NFJS Northern Virginia conference takes place just 2 miles from where I work. Perfect! After rushing over at noon to get registered, you’re right in the middle of 250 computer nerds. It’s so cool that the number of participants is limited which makes it much easier to get into conversations. Here and there you meet people again that you got to know from one or another presentation or meeting.

Despite the fact that many presentations focused on technologies and frameworks (Groovy/Grails, AJAX and of course SOA) that are in high demand these days, one presentation really stood out. Surprisingly, this was the keynote held by Ted Neward about “Rethinking Enterprise Applications: How do we think about enterprise apps in a post-J2EE world”. The message was nothing new: Pick the right tool for the job and don’t follow hypes blindly. However, the presentation’s agenda was highly political (bashing the Bush administration) and tried to anticipate an educational character (think about your architectural decisions). During the talk I asked myself WTF? Where does he want to go? But in the end it really became well rounded and Ted made his point.

The sessions I attended:

  • Enterprise Performance and Scalability, Ted Neward
  • OSGi: A Well Kept Secret, Venkat Subramaniam
  • Implementing SOA, Neal Ford

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