Highway Hell

November 14, 2007 at 7:27 pm | Posted in Over There | Leave a comment

It bugged me for weeks, no actually for months. Now I have to write about it. People in Virginia and Washington DC can’t drive. My guess is that they all won their drivers license in a lottery. It’s like driving with another several thousand maniacs on one street. The blinker seems not to be used at all. The drivers just pull out even though they see your car coming. I’m more afraid of people crashing in my car than myself causing an accident. Phoning while driving is totally normal. You don’t get fined which I can’t understand at all (very un-american). It’s pretty fun to see cars nearly leaving the street because the drivers are so involved in their telephone call.

Additionally, the design and layout of the streets is horrible. Whoever designed them did an awful job. Street signs are just irritating. Take a wrong turn (it doesn’t tell you that you’re about to enter the interstate) and you’ll find yourself on a one-way street for several miles before you can turn. Taking an exit is basically a typical deadlock situation in times of heavy traffic. An exit is also the driveway to the interstate. People want to exit the street while others want to approach it. After driving car over here for two weeks I decided to buy a navigating system right away because I got lost in DC for hours without a chance to find my way back.

BTW, I already had my first kind of little accident right in front of our condo. A guy was just pulling back his car (of course a Jeep) without having a look at his backside. However, he hit my car and was nervous as hell when I talked to him. Well, it was just a little scratch on my bumper of my crappy old car. I didn’t call the cops because it would have taken me probably another two hours to get to work. We made our own deal.


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