Arni said: “I’ll be back!”…and so am I

December 3, 2007 at 7:41 pm | Posted in Over There | Leave a comment

In January I’m going to be back to Germany for a visit. I could make it work to take off for full three weeks (!). Before everyone is going to ask me here are the dates: 13rd January till 3rd February. My manager knows that I’m going to be on vacation. The flight is booked. Everything is arranged so be prepared having me swing by. Feel free to make plans to go out…I’m in. Some activities I definitely don’t want to miss while staying home country:

  • Visit my family and friends
  • Eat substantial bread as well as Broetchen
  • Drive fast on the German Autobahn
  • Have a drunken night at Manhattan
  • Use my learned small talk skills to bring happiness in German hearts
  • Have at least one day at Cologne Carnival (I heard Weiberfassnacht’s going to be on 31st January)
  • Play Settlers of Catan and Puerto Rico intensively
  • Take a walk on the Venusberg in Bonn
  • Relax in a local (and textile-free) Sauna
  • Go snowboarding in the Alps (OK, that’s probably too ambitious)
  • Re-celebrate Christmas
  • Oh, I forgot…just relax

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