Back in the Game

February 19, 2008 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Over There | Leave a comment
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Yes, I’m back in the US from my vacation in Germany. Now I would actually need vacation from my vacation. Trying to see everybody was more stressful than I thought. It was more driving around in Germany and sleeping on other people’s floors and mattresses than relaxation. However, it was great to meet as many family and friends as we could. Everybody warmly welcomed us in their new homes. Apparently, in the meantime couples separated and moved out or their relationship grew stronger and they moved in together. To really catch up you really need more than one day so we tried to meet up more than just once. Next time I’m going to come to Germany I’ll organize a party for everyone. This is much easier than meeting up with everyone separately. It would also be a very good chance to bring old friends together. 2008 seems to get a busy year for us acting as hosts for people planning to visit us. You’re always welcome to hit our couch.

Sarah got our camera stolen on her business trip to Africa. I would have liked to take a lot of pictures of the trip and put them on the blog. Sorry, no pictures. We simply bought the same camera again because we really like it.

Lufthansa SnacksFor our American readers: I was lucky flying with Lufthansa, Germany’s biggest carrier. That’s when you really know that you’re traveling to Germany. Served with pretzels you can “of course” order a beer to “upgrade your snack and enjoy your golden moments on board”. Oh boy, did I have golden moments!


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