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Hey, we finally made it. We made a trip to New York last weekend. The most convenient way to get there from DC is to take the bus. We bought tickets ($40 round-trip) from DC2NY. The bus is equipped with a restroom and wireless internet for free. 🙂 Depending on the traffic you normally need four to five hours to arrive at Penn Station, New York. The timing was perfect because we met up with Andrea and Joachim, friends from Bonn. They’re going stay in the US for three weeks visiting us in Arlington on their way back.

We started relaxed on Saturday morning at 10am having breakfast. By the way, the hotel we stayed at had a perfect location (Manhattan, just one block from Ground Zero) and a special offer for the weekend. On our way to Brooklyn Bridge we had a look at Ground Zero. OK, there’s not really a lot to see…just a construction site. Even though I’ve been to this place now the events of 9/11 are still not imaginable. After a stop at Starbucks for filling up caffeine we walked towards Brooklyn Bridge. The steel construction is really amazing and you have a great view on Manhattan and Brooklyn. Don’t miss this spot when you’re going to visit Manhattan. We walked past the City Hall to Chinatown. Chinatown is very crowded and appears to be the primary marketplace for Chinese. You can get any kind of vegetables, fruits and fish. I tried barbecued chicken feet. I won’t comment on that. Let me say it didn’t line up with my western taste of food. After walking past Little Italy we decided to have lunch in nice bar right beside Grand Central Station. Invigorated by burgers and drinks we headed towards Times Square walking past Rockefeller Center. Times Square itself was a massive bombardment of lights, noises, electronic commercials, people and traffic. It was too crazy for me and we left half an hour later. We took the subway to SoHo, a historic district of New York. Over there we settled in a nice restaurant with an attached winter garden for dinner.

Day two gave us less time than Saturday because our bus was already going to leave at 6pm. After sleeping in, having breakfast and checking out at the hotel we took the subway to see the Empire State Building. We had to wait in line for about 1 1/2 hours to buy the tickets ($19 per person) and actually get up to the top. We caught a really nice, sunny day and had a great view over Manhattan. We couldn’t really make Central Park in time so we decided to simply have a late lunch before picking up our luggage and taking the bus.

The trip was definitely worth it. However, to see most of the sights in New York requires a lot more time. However, I got a good impression of New York. It’s very vibrant, feels a little bit European in some places and I will check in again to see more of it.

Andrea, Joachim and Sarah Skyline from Below Ground Zero View from Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge China Town New York Church Rockefeller Center Fountain Times Square Times Square Commercials View from Empire State Building Manhattan View



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  1. “ohne mein Tasche kann ich keine Competition machen” …
    feine Bildersammlung, macht sich bestimmt gut im Album 🙂

  2. just a random passerby, who saw your site.

    I love your camera views with your pictures. very unique.

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