Camping trip to Northern Minnesota

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Four weeks ago we visited Sarah’s family in Minnesota again. Sarah planned to meet up with old friends so my father in law, John, and I decided to go for a camping trip in Northern Minnesota. We had planned to do this for quite a while. This autumn seemed to be the perfect time to go for it. Almost no more mosquitos and pleasant weather. The place we were heading for is north of Grand Marais, one of the last outposts before you enter wilderness, not too far from the Canadian border. Don’t get me wrong but it’s a six hours drive to get there from Minneapolis. After equipping ourselves with camping gear, we also needed to get some alcoholic beverages to survive the upcoming cold weather front. Up there it’s much colder than in Minneapolis. And while it was October what else can you get than Oktoberfest beer.

Driving by Superior Lake is really amazing. You can’t imaging how big that lake actually is. It’s so big that you can’t see the shore on the other side. We found a camping site at Flour Lake. After working long hours it is the perfect place to relax and let your brain calibrate to normal. The air is clean, no sound except for the animals and a perfect clear, starry sky at night. When we arrived it was almost dark and kind of hard to get the campfire going because it started to rain. However, after collecting some wood we could warm up and relax. The night in the tent was cold but not so bad in a good, comfy sleeping bag. We got woken up by chipmunks sliding down our tent. These guys seem to be used to humans and were sitting with us for breakfast.

On the next day we rented a motorized boat to go fishing. This is not exactly what you’d probably think of a typical trip to the wilderness. Man, where’s the canoe? Oh well, I was happy that we didn’t have to paddle all the way on the lake. The one we were on was really huge and it would have taken us all day to make our way to the other side of the lake. We were looking forward to a nice dinner but luck wasn’t on our side. We only caught two fish all day and they were not even very big. Thankfully, we also brought food supplies: Riceronies and some sausages.

The beauty of nature up there is stunning. You hardly see people if you don’t want to. For a more extended trip you should rent a canoe and make your way from one lake to another carrying it from portage to portage. After three days we left the site to drive back to civilization. I was looking forward to take a warm shower.


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