Artificial Christmas Tree

December 31, 2008 at 10:47 am | Posted in Over There | 2 Comments
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Christmas TreePreparing Christmas when family plans to come in is a lot of work. This year my in-laws flew into DC to spend Christmas day with us. I was used to celebrate Christmas with either my or Sarah’s parents so this was a new experience for me. Well, what do you need to do? Cook dinner and of course buy a Christmas tree. After running and driving from A to B I realized that getting a real tree would be more difficult than I thought. Artificial trees are the standard in the US. People rather buy a plastic tree than a real one. In the end I gave in and bought an artificial one even though I like the smell of a conifer tree. Yeah, I have to admit that I went for the cheap shot at CVS: $20 for a mini tree including the already attached lights. Call me uncultured but it worked just fine and in the end is reusable. 😉



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  1. You’re turning more and more into an “ammi” my friend 😉

  2. Der ist wirklich praktisch und wiederverwendbar 😉 Jetzt braucht man nur noch ein Baumduft zum versprühen.
    Hoffe ihr hattet ein schönes Fest. Nadine bedankt sich nochmal sehr für den Ipod. Sie wollte es euch nochmal persönlich sagen, aber es hat ja nicht ganz so geklappt mit dem skypen.
    Also bis dann.


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