Yep, We’re Coming to Town

April 20, 2009 at 7:20 am | Posted in Back again | 1 Comment
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Family and friends…we’ll see each other again in person and we’re looking forward to it! We booked our flights, the vacation plan is partially made. It’s going to be for “just” two weeks (May, 8th – May, 24th) but more time wasn’t justifiable to our employers. Because we want to spend our time off as flexible and comfortable as possible we decided to rent a car for the whole two weeks. As you know most of our vacations are spend with going to our parents’ houses so we thought we should break the circle. Yes, we’re going to be at my parents’ house but we’re also planning to go Southern France (Mediterranean coast) for one week – camping. This is very possibly going to happen in the second week. However, we might leave earlier depending on the weather conditions.

Last time we’ve been to Germany we tried to meet up with as many people as possible. Even though it was fun to see many of our old friends and family it wasn’t necessarily relaxing. Therefore, we decided to run a party on one of the Saturdays to meet as many of you guys as possible. The location is going to be the heated garage in Spieskappel – loud music (bring your iPod for additional music!) and free drinks guaranteed. I’ll update this posting and send out invitations by mails once I’m positive about our trip to France.

Here’s the basic plan:

May, 8th: We’ll arrive at Frankfurt/Main airport around noon
May, 8th – 10th: Heading to Bonn for Andrea’s and Joachim’s wedding on Saturday
May, 10th – May 16th: Staying at my parents’ house
May, 17th – May, 23rd: Trip to France
May, 24th: Flying back to the U.S.

Shoot me a mail or leave a comment if you want to meet up! We would love to catch up over a beer or coffee. I’m excited to see you again.


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  1. beer !

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