Left my Heart in San Francisco

September 26, 2009 at 10:12 am | Posted in Over There, Sightseeing | 2 Comments
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It all started out good when our taxi driver asked us if we knew that we’re staying in a fancy hotel. We actually didn’t know that hotels on Nob Hill are supposed to be swanky. When we decided to go on a trip to San Francisco for a long weekend we found a good deal for a hotel that even had a spa. Well, we didn’t get disappointed. The hotel we stayed in, the Huntington, feels like staying with your rich uncle with a great taste for interior design. Should you plan to stay there don’t miss out on the Espresso Martini in the hotel bar.

Knowing that we just have three days to explore the city we tried to pack as much sightseeing into our day as we could. A must is seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t forget to bring a sweater. It’s always kind of chilly. In this city weather can change fast. We decided to take the boat tour in the bay which also let us see Alcatraz. We tried to avoid setting a foot on the island. There are masses of tourists and I don’t think you actually miss something. While being in the bay area we checked with Giradelli. They give out free samples in their store. Even though the samples are good I still think European chocolate tastes better. Don’t miss out on Lombard Street. Probably the funniest street I’ve ever seen.

Did I already tell you that I love San Francisco? This city really has flair. From great panorama views from up the hill to laid back people. This city is adorable. Personality is everywhere. People keep their architecture and culture intact and maintain it well. Apart from the hiking to get from point a to b it takes time to get around. After a while we actually decided to always take the taxi. Cable Cars are definitely made to entertain tourists but are a rip off. You pay the same price for a ride with a taxi. Because we got so many recommendations from friends for good restaurants and bars we wanted to visit taxis are the way to go.

We got a good impression of San Francisco within three days. If prices for living wouldn’t be that high we would totally consider living there. Sarah and I will go there again. Next up: Making a tour to the wineries and exploring the surrounding area.


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